Cloud Quest Slot

Cloud Quest: An amazing new video slot machine!

I recently finished playing a new slot game on called Cloud Quest and would like to share my experience playing it. I found this game to be quite exciting and enjoyable. Providing a good balance of being both challenging and rewarding, I would highly recommend it to any fellow slot enthusiast as I intend to play it again myself.

Several components of this game were of appeal to me, beginning with the graphics and sound. A slot game must have visual and auditory appeal to keep my attention, and Cloud Quest provided both the appeal and quality in this area.

Next, the design of the game was unique and engaging, providing the feel of an actual video game with progressive features such as levels to work toward, the option of a variety of characters and a dashboard from which you make your bet selections.

Cloud Quest Video Slot

This game further stands apart from other slots I’ve played by providing the opportunity to win on qualifying lines going vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Also, with each turn you have a new and different opportunity to get to the bonus round with the requirements changing each spin. I actually got a chance at the bonus round on my very last turn, an experience I was most pleased to encounter. It appeared that much thought went into this component of the slot, again providing a video game feel as I selected my character that then worked to defeat component monsters.

I like staying with the same slot machine for a while rather than going to many different ones and I was able to play Cloud Quest for a little over half an hour before running out of money. I attribute going broke to my poor bet selections toward the end because the slot certainly provided plenty of chances for me to stay in the game, had I bet more wisely. My only disappointment was failing to reach level 2 before my time had ended. I was half way there and highly curious to know what it had in store, a factor most key in influencing my desire to play Cloud Quest again. This was a slot well worthwhile and I am happy to have had the opportunity to play.

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Visionary iGaming Blackjack Early Payout

Blackjack Early Payout Strategy – A Brief Introduction

For years, people have tried to create different Blackjack variants in an attempt to try to make the game more interesting and to make it more appealing for certain type of players that left the game because either, they lost interest in the game or, to try to get the interest of players that are not actually Blackjack players, but still, are interested in casino games. I have tried a few of those variants, but my interest stopped on one in particular: Blackjack Early Payout.

Blackjack early payout, created by Visionary IGaming in 2010, is definitively the best Blackjack variant ever created. I believe that it is played with live dealers only, for I have yet to find a RNG version of the game, which is not actually a bad thing.

Every players hand is played automatically by the dealer according to an optimal basic strategy. So you can place your bet, let it go and be sure that you will always have the same 0.5 per cent house edge, without any mistakes in the strategy. But not every decisions are left to the perfect strategy. If the player decide to take another decision like holding your hand when you should hit, you can do so by clicking the appropriate button. The new card will appear as a ghost card and your total will stay the same. The new card is not counted for your hand. You can also decide if you want to split, or double down. If you do not take any decisions in the allowed time, the decision highlighted in blue is the decision that will be played and that will count for your hand.

A very interesting aspect of the Blackjack Early Payout variant is that there is no limit of people that can play at the same table. There are 3 betting boxes on the table, and you can bet for up to 3 hands at the same time, and everybody is actually betting the same hands. Only the decision you take can change the game, and for you only. I have noticed also that the minimum bet on Blackjack early payout tables are much smaller that regular tables. I have not found yet a table minimum less that 5$ a hand, but Blackjack early payout tables offer hands starting at 1$ a hand, which is very convenient for smaller bankroll gamblers.

You can also find on the table 2 side bets, the Pairs and the Rummy. If you want you can take those bets, but I wont be talking about them here as these bets are always suckers bets, with an enormous house edge.

The best aspect of this Blackjack variant is the Payout button. This button is the key to the strategy of this game. It is the button that give you a chance to maximize your winnings and cut short your losses.

The right play for the current hand is highlighted in blue. The Payout button is located on the right.

The right play is highlighted in blue. The Payout button is located on the right.





While playing the hand, the amount in the button will change with every cards played on the hand according to the odds of winning the hand against the house.

In this series of articles, I will not be writing about the game of Blackjack or the Basic Strategy itself, but I will be focusing on the option of the early payout. I strongly believe that it is this part of the game that where the whole strategy of the game take place.

Part one of the strategy will be published soon! Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, you can watch a video of the game played here!!

The Power Of Triggers

Triggers – Their Power in Casino Gambling

Triggers are an important parts of being a professional gambler. But what exactly is a trigger in Casino gambling? Let’s see what it is and how they works.

A lot of saying from  gambling forums is that triggers are just another part of the gambler’s fallacy and that it only makes you lose more slowly. But, as those who don’t believe in professional gambling, mostly “maths” people, will tell you that you are still going to loose. Because the house edge always get you.

If I am here writing about it, is probably because I don’t believe so. I believe that triggers are an important parts of any professional gambler’s method of play. Of course, you cannot use triggers on all the casino games. If we take the example of Blackjack, you could not wait for any kind of triggers to happen before playing a hand. You would not be allowed to wait hands after hands before placing a bet. The dealer would simply not allow you to wait that much before placing a bet. You would be asked to leave your seat to a betting player. If you would play online, it would not be long before you would get disconnected from the table for being idle too long.

Some games, though, are especially good for trigger players. If you play in a brick and mortar casino, Craps and Roulette are some of them. In Roulette, you can easily step aside from the table, wait for your trigger, and when it comes, you can join the action for the number of spins that you want, and then move away from the table and wait again for your trigger.

Online, Baccarat is also a good game to play if you are a triggers player. The good thing about online Baccarat is that you don’t occupy any seats. There can be as much players as the casino wants at the table because every players play the same hands. So, you can actually just stand there and wait for your trigger before placing a bet. The worst that can happen is that you are being taken to the lobby from time to time because of being idle for too long, but you can easily reconnect to the same table.

But what exactly is a trigger. I define a trigger in Casino gambling the following way: A series of results of the game defined by some rules, that, if it happens triggers a special way to bet based on special betting rules.

A very simple example is is like the following: Let say that your trigger rules says to wait for 3 consecutive black numbers to appear on the roulette wheel before starting to bet, and then your special betting rules says: Bet on the color red. Your trigger is the 3 consecutive black numbers and the special rule following the trigger is to bet on the color red. Of course, this is a very simplistic example of what an actual trigger could be.

Triggers can be very simple. Or they can be very complex. Actually, what gamblers using triggers are trying to achieve is to take a special event that happens often (or in some cases, for patient gamblers, not so often) and bet on or against some events that do, or do not happen after the trigger event.

I find that the best games for trigger players are the game of Craps and Roulette. There are so much possible bets on the layouts of those games that you have a multitude of possibilities for triggers.

On roulette, you could create triggers on the outside even bets, like the black and the red, the odd and the even, etc… You could also create triggers on the dozens or the columns, you could also create triggers on the inside single numbers. There are a lot of methods and matrix that people are playing as triggers on the numbers, and some of them seems to be pretty neat.

Triggers a real fun way to play casino games. And they can bring you a tidy profit too if you find the right game and the right triggers for you.

In future posts I will talk about my own search for the perfect trigger in the game of Baccarat.




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Roulette: The most exciting game on the casino floor!

In the modern era, more and more people are playing casino games. Whether they enjoy playing from the comfort of their own home, travelling to famous establishments all over the world or simply attending their local casino, games are becoming a lot more popular. One of the most popular games is roulette. This is due to a number of reasons, including the simple nature of the game, ease of access and variations of roulette. We take a look at just why roulette is regarded as one of the most exciting games on the casino floor.
So, just why is roulette so exciting? Well, it’s a continuous game. It isn’t like slots at all and you physically control your stake – i.e you place it on a certain outcome rather than depending on a random slot machine to churn out lines. That way, you can place bets based on your own interpretation of the game. Many people choose to partake in 32Red’s selection of roulette games before settling on a particular type of roulette, largely due to the vast number of different types of roulette game on offer.

If you want to play roulette based on your favourite colour and simply stake wagers on red, you can do. If you want to place wagers on your grandchildren’s birthdates, you can also do that. The roulette table offers so many options and so much value – which is one of the key reasons as to why so many people play. It’s completely up to you and to an extent, you control the board. Meanwhile, if you’d rather practice before you play for real money, websites such as Fortune Palace allow you to play for fun before staking any funds.
Another key reason why it’s incredibly exciting is the social aspect of the game. In land-based casinos – and online establishments to a certain level – roulette is widely regarded as “the” social game. It’s incredibly easy to play and that appeals to both the casino novice and roulette aficionado. Many people use the live chat facility on online roulette games, including those at Euro Palace, in order to communicate with other players and the dealer. This setting is superb and helps to create a much more realistic atmosphere in the online establishment.

The progressive nature of roulette also helps to add to the excitement and drama on each and every spin. Whilst a spin on the slot machines is over very quickly, the roulette spin builds up anticipation as the ball is moving around the wheel. At 32Red, there are plenty of different roulette rooms available – including American roulette, European roulette and Premier roulette.
All of these have the same, generic outline but vary slightly. For example, American roulette has ‘0’ and ’00’, whilst European roulette simply has a single ‘0’. These slight differences make significant changes to the gameplay and contribute to the excitement of the roulette table. It would be foolish to suggest that such small differences are a key reason why the excitement is ramped up, but they certainly play a role in the build-up and gives punters an extra thing to consider when placing their stake.



Baccarat is a boring casino game

Baccarat is such a boring game. When you take a good look at it, it’s so simple and mind numbing that all I want to do is to fall asleep after a few hands. If you have ever played it online with live dealers, even them looks pretty bored when dealing the cards, and some of them are even yawning so much that you think they will fall asleep in the middle of the shoe. But on the other side, it is the primary game I have chosen for my adventure into becoming a professional gambler. The second I have chosen is Roulette. But we will talk about Roulette another time.

Why choose Baccarat when there are more exciting games around the casino floor to play. Well, first, because being a professional gambler is not about excitement. It is actually far from it. Being a professional gambler is about looking for the best games that offers the best odds of winning against the house on games that have been designed to make you lose more than you will ever win.

You might think that Baccarat offer an exact 50/50 chances of winning, because its either the player or the banker that wins and ties are a push. But nothing could be farther from the truth! The game has a built-in house edge which is the following: 1.06% on banker bets, 1.24% on player bets, and 14.36% on ties.

But what does this all means? It means that the rules of Baccarat have been designed in a way to produce a very small advantage for the house in any case that you would bet either banker or player. The game is designed so that the banker will win 50.68% of all hands that do not result in a tie, and that the player will win 49.32%. If you would be using 100 chips to bet against these percentages would show that you would expect to loose 50.68 and win 49.32. If you subtract one of the other, you would arrive to a difference of 1.36 against the player.

Of course you are gonna say: Why not always bet on the banker if it wins 50.68% of the time! You would be sure in the long run to make money. Well, don’t worry, the casinos are pretty smart about this, and this is why they charge a 5% commission on bankers bet, in order to tilt the advantage on their side.
Let’s see what this commission do to your gambling bankroll: 5% commission means that for every chip of your 100 chips that you bet on the banker and that you win, you will get back 0.95 chip. You should win in the long run 50.68% of the time. If we multiply 0.95 by 50.68, we get 48.15. If we make the difference between this amount and the player edge of 49.32, then the result is an house advantage of 1.17% on bankers bets.
I wont even go into explaining the tie bet. Never bet on this. It’s a sucker’s bet with a house edge of 14.4%!!!
So, why choose Baccarat? Well, the first reason is that it is a game that has a low house edge, and it is a game that will always keep the edge because there are no player decisions involved in the game process, unlike Blackjack, where if you want to get the best edge, you have to play a perfect Basic Strategy every hand.
The second reason is that it is a game that evolves in what I call a “finite” system. What I mean by that is that there is a beginning and an end to a Baccarat shoe. The game start at the beginning, and finish at the end. Unlike roulette, where every spin is an independant result, the next Baccarat hand played is alway relevant to the cards that have been already played. I prefer to try to find a betting method that will suit my style of play inside a finite system. It also has nice indicators called Roads. I don’t use them, but still, I find them nice to watch.
The third reason is that Baccarat has been very well designed from the start. So well designed, that it actually is an almost perfect 50/50 game. If it wasn’t for the ties, in the short to long run, the game would almost always finish equal banker to player something like 40 banker\40 player if we count 80 hands on a 8 deck shoe.
The forth reason is that Baccarat is a high volatility game. As all professional gamblers knows, volatility in a casino game cannot be changed, but it can be influenced. Volatility can be used to make better bet selections.
That is why Baccarat is my main gambling game. And I will talk about it more in future posts.


Casino Bonus

Should you accept online casinos deposit bonus?

When you first open a account at online casinos and poker sites, you get most of the time welcomed with very interesting first deposit bonus. Those bonuses will give you the opportunity to double your first deposit up to a certain amount. As an example, if you deposit 100$ in your account, the casino will double it up and turn your 100$ into 200$. Casinos wont permit you to double up any amount. These bonuses have limits, so you wont be able to deposit 2000$ to get 4000$.

But are theses bonuses really worth it? It all depends on what kind of player you are. When you decide to take the bonuses, there are always small print attached to it. And before taking the bonus, you really have to take the time to read it. They are not giving you money for free. Most of the time there are a lot of strings attached to the bonus before you can withdraw either your funds, and the bonus you received with your deposit.

One of the main string attached to these bonuses, is that you will have to gamble a certain number of times the amount  in your account before you will be able to withdraw any funds from it.  It all differs from a casino to another, but you can know that most of the time the bigger the bonus, the bigger the strings attached to it.

I have seen some casinos offering very big bonus amount but, to be able to withdraw the money, you had to gamble that money 100 times. Which mean that if you deposit 1000$, you will have to gamble 100,000$ before you can withdraw anything, which will give you the best chance to loose your initial deposit. The smaller bonuses usually offer the best rules before withdrawing the money. I have seen bonuses up to 100$ but with a rule that you had to gamble it only 5 times before withdrawing it. Its makes things more interesting as you will have to gamble only 500$ before you can withdraw your funds.

You have to be careful also about to what games the bonus will apply. I have seen casinos where they calculate the money you gamble only on slots machine games. Table games seems to be less and less counted in casinos toward the accumulation of your gambled bonus money.

But, at last, should you take the bonus or not. It all depends on how you intend to gamble. If you are a casual gambler, looking for a good way to double your money to gamble for entertainment, and don’t mind waiting to withdraw your funds or losing your bankroll, then I believe that it can be a pretty good deal.

If, like me, your are trying to gamble professionally, then it is definitively not a good deal. Why? Because on some casinos, you will have to play a lot of slots before being able to get the bonus, but you risk loosing it and your initial deposit before you can withdraw it. So, if you gamble to get your best chance to win, you should not take the bonuses offered by the casino so that you can play any games you like and also that you can be able to withdraw your winnings any time you want.


2015-10-10_133606 now offering 6 new Video Slot Machines to it’s games selection








, the Bitcoin only casino, is now offering to its players six new video slots added to its other games selection. The six video slot machines offered are Stellar Stones, Reel Fear, Flaming Dragon, Masters of the Sky, House of Freaks and Animal Party.

I am not really a video slot machines guy, I prefer a lot more table games, or at minimum games that require a minimum of strategy like Video Poker or Video Blackjack, but after learning about those new games, I wanted to take a look at them and see for myself if there was any gaming value in them.

Stellar Stones Video Slot Machines

In Stellar Stones, as I understand it, you are a ship in space and try to make it big by catching matching stone. Graphics are not the best that I have seen and gameplay becomes a little bit boring after a while. The background music is pretty nice though. A little bit like new-age music. Pretty relaxing, but not enough to keep me playing the game.



Reel Fear Video Slot Machines

Reel Fear is a little more interesting. Although it’s the same concept as Stellar Stones, I found the graphics to be pretty neat, and the background music and spinning sound effects really sets for an horror-mystery scene. Even if it is only a regular slot machine, it kept me playing more than Stellar Stones. I might actually get back to it in the future if I ever need a slot machine fix.



FlamingDragons Video Slot Machines


Flaming Dragons offer a fantasy “Dungeons & Dragons” style environment with good graphics and background music. The music is nice, although the “Free Spins” music is a little bit annoying. It didn’t hold my attention as much as Reel Fear.



MasterOfTheSky Video Slot Machines

Masters of the Sky…. Just don’t go there. Period. I don’t know if it’s me…. but I just could not find the theme in this slot machine. Background music was nice thought. But nothing to make me stay there more than 10 seconds. Spinning sound is pretty annoying.





HouseOfFreaks Video Slot Machines

I don’t know why House Of Freaks reminded me of old pinball machines. Something in the 50’s or 60’s. I don’t know if it’s the colors or the icons on the slot reels, or the ballerina dancing at the right of the reels. For me, it’s only OK. Nothing much.




AnimalParty Video Slot Machines


Animal Party offers the same kind of slot than Master of the Sky and House of Freaks. Not the most exciting slots out there. Pretty much the basic stuff. Not much fluff to keep the game exciting.

 offers a big selection of video slot machines. Although most of them are the really the basic type. I hope that they will be able to offer a little more story driven video slot machines like Betsoft’s Whospunit, or The Slotfather, offered by the majority of online casinos. is an online casino for bitcoin players only! You can deposit, play and withdraw money with bitcoins – the only currency accepted at Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. More information on bitcoin can be found here.



The Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards are another high quality but affordable deck of playing cards by the United States Playing Cards Company.

Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards: A Beautiful Design.

The Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards are another high quality but affordable deck of playing cards by the United States Playing Cards Company.

It is often the case that the least expensive and more easily available decks becomes Peoples favorites! The design of the back of this deck is beautiful! The border with the back design really make this deck very attractive. The colors are very nice and without any flaws. The quality of the cards them self is the usual card quality used by the United States Playing Cards Company.

The court cards and pips on the Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards are a little bit different from the ones found on a standard Bicycle deck of cards. They seems to be of the Vintage design with a little “Art Deco” feel, but Bicycle says that it is an “updated version of a historic plate”. The design of the Ace of Spades is slightly different of their usual design. The face cards are made of the same blue than the one used on the back of the cards. One of the problem reported about this deck is that the numbers on the cards are very small and for some older people they may actually be hard to read. The heart and the spades use a very dark red color that makes the design look fantastic, although some people find that the red is a little too close to the black, which makes it difficult for some to make de difference with the black and the dark red of the pips.

If you are one to do magic tricks, these cards do provide a good handling. The design and style of the Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards are nice not only to the one doing the magic trick, but people watching him as well.

All card players and collectors will appreciate the Bicycle Pluma Playing Cards.

You can’t go wrong with these!

Bicycle Cards official Pluma Deck Page



Find Out More On The Card Game Named Poker

Find Out More On The Card Game Named Poker
Card games like poker are one from the most favored game by several people across the planet. Poker is a really social game involving groups of two or a more made of men as much as women that love to play the game. In conditions in which you will find more than six or 7 folks there are normally a number of games of poker being played at one time. After you played games like poker youll often invest an whole evening enjoying the game with buddies and family members or men and women that you meet on line.

Card games like Rummy, Poker Solitaire and Euchre have been played by men and women around the world for many years. The modern deck of cards was regarded as to have been established all through the 10th century with all the numerous experience cards representing popular figures through the time period. It really is believed the King of Hearts, as an example, represented Charlemagne, whilst the King of Diamonds was Julius Caesar. The King of Clubs is regarded to represent Alexander the Amazing as effectively as the King of Spades represented King David. The French are supplied credit for spreading the pleasures of card games to Europe and also the Americas.

The earliest instance of card games played actually originated in Asia where paper dominoes had been shuffled and dealt. However it was not right up till the advancement of woodcuts that Europeans commenced mass manufacturing of a lot of card games which includes poker.

Now card games have produced the standard poker games, however, loved and played by numerous men and women around the planet. The idea from the utilization of cards to sort decks have taken the planet by storm evolving into collectable trading cards games collections such as Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Worlds of Warcraft TGC, and a whole lot more. Usually the only limitation on the types of card games you are inclined to perform is normally on just how significantly you want to spend acquiring in to the pastime. By a lot typical card games like poker would be the least high-priced only requiring a deck of cards and chips to play. Collectors have currently been acknowledged to dedicate thousands of dollars trying to collect sets of every sort of card in collectible card games.

Many card games, specially Euchre, Poker, and comparable games can be identified to play on-line. You can probably play the games right away in your browser or download and set up an installable software client. Youll be able to play free of charge or for real money which adds for the allure on the internet gaming. On the world wide web, card games have a tendency to use official recommendations and are a excellent method to understand the proper tips of your game. Numerous people taking portion in at property will use home tips or perform variants that may not be played on the web.

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